Election Day: November 8, 2022

Governor LePage’s Accomplishments over 8 years

We Know Paul LePage Fights for the People of Maine

As Maine’s Governor, Paul LePage dramatically lowered Maine’s unemployment rate; reduced government red tape and led the effort to create thousands of good paying, private sector jobs.

He fought every single day to protect your hard-earned tax dollars by restricting the growth of government spending and returning your dollars back to you.

Governor LePage ushered in budget reforms that reduced wasteful spending – including:

  • Successfully paying the Maine Hospitals the $750 million in unpaid debt owed from the previous expansion of Medicaid welfare spending
  • Significantly decreased the size of state government through hiring freezes and eliminations of vacant positions
  • Ensured that surplus revenue flowed into the Rainy-Day Fund
  • Cut the state retirement pension debt by over 40% (a $1.7 billion dollar reduction

Created and implemented the largest tax cut in Maine history – including:

  • Implementing a 0% income tax rate for 70,000 low-income Maine families
  • Repealed the annual, AUTOMATIC increase of the gas tax
  • Assisted family owned, small businesses by increasing the threshold on the death tax from $1 million to $2 million dollars
  • Eliminated the sales tax on fuel for Maine’s commercial fishing vessels and fuel used in the agriculture and forestry industries
  • Exempted Military Retiree Pensions from the state income tax
  • Led the fight for welfare reform to not only protect the neediest but to ensure people found their way to economic freedom including:
  • Implemented work requirements for able-bodied, childless adults
  • Removed Maine’s status as a “Sanctuary State”, ensuring that Maine’s limited welfare resources are reserved for Maine people
  • Required drug testing for welfare recipients convicted of drug crimes
  • Banned the purchasing of tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, bail and tattoos with TANF cash
  • Raised awareness about domestic violence and supported legislation to add sex trafficking as a crime under Maine law
  • Increased K-12 education spending while holding tuition stable in Maine’s higher education system
  • The Department of Environmental Protection issued the largest enforcement penalty in 20 years and the second-largest penalty of $900,000 against Chevron for a major oil spill
  • Supported veterans and military spouses seeking employment in professions that require Maine licensing to be provided credit toward licensing requirements from military training, education and experience
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