BREAKING: NH Governor Chris Sununu Knocks Janet Mills Failures, Praises Governor Paul LePage as Best Choice for Maine’s Future – *AUDIO*

Governor Sununu appears live on WGAN’s Morning News in advance of event tonight with fmr Governor Paul LePage

KENNEBUNKPORT, ME – This morning, live on WGAN radio’s Morning News program, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu knocked Janet Mills and noted Governor LePage’s successful tenure and encouraged voters to choose LePage.

Tonight Sununu will attend an event in Kennebunkport with LePage.

“A few years ago Maine was just on an all time high, things were good. Governor LePage had put a lot of stuff in to help small businesses and families. It’s not just rhetoric, he really moved the ball forward in terms of cutting taxes and making some real headway against some other political headwinds, and you saw the benefits. You really did,” said Sununu.

Under Mills Sununu said, “It’s been a little tougher in Maine.”

Sununu said of Mills during the pandemic that “Maine was not nearly as successful.” He then noted that many businesses and individuals had moved to New Hampshire from Maine.

He said New Hampshire has been successful during the pandemic because Mills and other Governors have not been transparent with data and have only followed what Washington told them to do. Sununu said he operated differently in saying, “We’ve got to guide our own path here. And by doing that we were able to be incredibly successful in New Hampshire.”

Governor Sununu said LePage loves budgeting and getting into the details and has been more successful managing budgets.

“That’s why Governor LePage would be so great to come back, as Governor, because lord knows he is not afraid of putting in the hard work, He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and pull up his sleves to look at how we can do it better,” Sununu added.  

Sununu said that with Washington policies causing rising inflation you need a Governor who is strong enough to push back. He said of LePage, “He has the experience. He doesn’t have to do this. He just loves his state. He just loves Maine.”

Governor Sununu said of LePage, “He’s going to be great. He’s going to win, he is going to be victorious. We’ve just got to make sure people come out and understand there is a chance to turn the state of Maine around.”


Photo of Governor Sununu here.



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