Strategy to Lower Maine’s Cost of Living

Paul LePage knows how to fix Maine’s economy. He did it before, balancing budgets while creating thousands of jobs, and he will do it again. Janet Mills is a lawyer. Mills doesn’t have the background or experience to fix these problems, she is only making it worse.

Growing Maine’s Economy

Four years ago, Maine’s economy was surging. Private sector jobs were rapidly expanding, unemployment was at a record low, investment capital was flowing into the state, and government red tape and spending was under control for the first time in over 50 years. However today, inflation is growing at a dramatic pace, costing more to […]

Reducing Maine’s Tax Burden

Maine’s personal state income tax hinders our economic growth, stifles take home-pay, and places our state at a competitive disadvantage.  It drives too many Mainers out of our state, including our young entrepreneurs, our growing families, and seniors who rely on their savings and investments in their retirement years.  Maine’s overall tax burden as a […]

Empowering Parent’s Rights to Decide Their Children’s Future

Paul LePage has said many times that his life really began when he was accepted to college.  Escaping a violent home and moving away to college saved his life and moved him forward.  This is why the Governor places so much importance on education.  The Mills’ Administration followed the lead of other Blue State governor’s […]

A Welfare System that Provides a Safety Net for the Truly Needy Not a Free for All

Maine previously led the nation in welfare reforms to not only protect the neediest but to ensure people found their way back to dignified personal economic freedom. The Mills’ Administration abolished those reforms and pursued a policy of further dependency on government. As your next Governor,    Maine will implement work requirements for able-bodied, childless adults […]

Reigning in Out–of-Control Government Spending

The Mills’ Administration’s out-of-control spending policies and dependence on federal money are a disaster for the State of Maine. This “one-time” money from Washington D.C. will dry up, our economy will shrink, Maine taxpayers will be left holding the bag, and more tax and fee increases from her Administration will follow.  The moment she took […]

Supporting Free and Fair Elections through Voter ID

Mainers understand how important it is to protect our electoral process. Consequently, Maine voters from across the political spectrum over-whelming support Voter ID initiatives.  I pledge to support free and fair elections and for a policy that requires all voters to show photo identification in order to vote.

Protect Maine’s Lobster and Fishing Industries

Our lobstermen and women are facing the closure of fishing grounds due to overreaching federal regulations and the presence of large-scale industrial, off-shore wind infrastructure, which affects Maine’s sustainable fishing industry. We cannot allow the federal government and the lobbyists for special interests’ groups destroy our way of life. Janet Mills is once again promoting […]