Growing Maine’s Economy

Four years ago, Maine’s economy was surging. Private sector jobs were rapidly expanding, unemployment was at a record low, investment capital was flowing into the state, and government red tape and spending was under control for the first time in over 50 years.

However today, inflation is growing at a dramatic pace, costing more to heat our homes, feed our families, and commute to our workplaces. Mainers are clearly struggling to balance our monthly home budgets under the disastrous Mills/Biden policies. The Federal USDA has even identified food costs in Maine 13% above the national average. 

Janet Mills’ leadership during the pandemic was problematic on some many levels. Her decision to spend federal and state tax dollars “too literally” pay people not to go back to work was senseless and catastrophic to Maine’s economy. She created serious roadblocks for Maine’s struggling small and family-owned businesses.

She unnecessarily penalized our children and jeopardized their economic future and overall well-being. She rewarded the wealthy over the working class. And, she oversaw an enormous transfer of wealth from Maine’s small and family-owned businesses to out-of-state, large, multinational corporations.

Her reckless government spending and unsustainable budget policies, which favor special interests over the working people and job creators, has left Maine on the doorstep of economic failure once again.

  • It is imperative that Maine’s next Governor promote good public policies that encourage a positive environment for job creation, not policies that kill job creation. A healthy economy with reduced government spending and red tape, with thriving small businesses will improve the quality of life for all Maine people.
  • Allow Mainers to keep more of what they earn and attract better paying jobs to the state

Move Maine Forward

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A Vision for Maine

My vision for Maine is to create prosperity through a lower overall tax burden for residents and businesses; a smaller, more efficient state government that we can all afford; protecting our most vulnerable populations (our children, our seniors and persons with disabilities), empowering parents’ rights to decide their children’s future, and managing a welfare system that serves as a safety net for the truly needy – not a free for all.