Reinstating Our First Responders & Health Care Workers

The Mills’ Administration’s vaccine mandates were so inflexible that healthcare workers and first responders were fired, and nursing homes closed.

Her policies reduced access to health care, causing our hospitals to shut down critical services like neonatal care.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and EMS services should have never been shut down or curtailed due to inflexible health care worker vaccine mandates. Governors from each side of the political aisle managed these issues much more sensibly than the Mills’ Administration. 

  • As Governor, I pledge to end the mandatory vaccine mandate for workers’ and support reinstating our health care workers and first responders to their previous positions.

Move Maine Forward

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A Vision for Maine

My vision for Maine is to create prosperity through a lower overall tax burden for residents and businesses; a smaller, more efficient state government that we can all afford; protecting our most vulnerable populations (our children, our seniors and persons with disabilities), empowering parents’ rights to decide their children’s future, and managing a welfare system that serves as a safety net for the truly needy – not a free for all.