FMR Governor Paul LePage Calls for the State to Immediately Cut the Gas Tax and Reduce Highway Tolls to Provide Relief for Mainers

FALMOUTH, ME – At a press conference in Falmouth today, joined by Mainers supporting his campaign, FMR Governor Paul LePage called for the state to cut the gas tax and lower highway tolls to provide immediate relief for the Maine people.

“We need relief. People need to eat,” Governor LePage said as he pointed to the prices at the pump next to a Maine gas station across the street.

Paul LePage is calling for Mills and the Legislature to provide immediate relief to Mainers at gas pumps by temporarily lowering the Maine Motor Fuel ‘Gas Tax’ by 50% for the next 90 days, before the full tourist season. Additionally, he is calling on the Maine Turnpike Authority to lower all tolls by 50% for the next 90 days as well.

Governor Paul LePage has a history of cutting the gas tax. In 2012 it was LePage who repealed the automatic indexing of the Gas Tax, saving Mainers hundreds of dollars over the last ten years. 

Mills Administration recently opened the door to a Gas Tax increase to fund electric vehicle charging stations. This leads to questions on why Mills is catering to the elite, who can afford an electric vehicle, over the great majority of Mainer’s who are struggling to fill their gas tanks (

LePage believes a gas tax and toll cut is the proper way to provide immediate relief for the Maine people.



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