Former Governor LePage calls on Governor Mills to step up and save the Machias and Caribou Maine Veterans’ Homes

The Machias Valley News reported today that the Maine Veterans’ Homes (MVH) system confirmed the closure of the Machias and Caribou Maine Veterans’ Homes. This news is devastating to the Washington and Aroostook County veterans’ and their loved ones who depend on these facilities for critical long-term care. According to the MVH system, their decision to close the facilities is based on escalating operational losses and the growing scarcity of a qualified workforce.

Janet Mills must step up and save the facilities and protect our elderly veterans’ population. Protecting our most vulnerable populations and honoring our servicemen and women must be the absolute number ONE priority of any administration.

This situation is a predictable outcome based on Janet Mills’ reckless spending of one-time federal dollars to fund new, massive, programs and her misplaced priorities to commence an out of control hiring spree for new state government employees. In addition, her policy of ignoring the employment crisis affecting Maine and essentially paying people not to work exacerbated our ability to promote a sustainable workforce.

Janet Mills’ policy priorities are clearly misplaced and have been since her term as Governor began. Just as nursing homes are struggling across the state to remain open, we can now add two of our key veteran facilities to the ever growing list of endangered long-term care resources.

It is crucial that Janet Mills’ step up and find a solution to this crisis facing Washington and Aroostook County veterans.



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