Governor Paul LePage Statement on Janet Mills Speech Tonight

AUGUSTA, ME – Former Governor Paul LePage is issuing the following statement regarding Janet Mills State of the State address tonight:

“Tonight, Janet Mills gave her re-election campaign speech in a building full of political insiders. It is fitting for someone born and raised in politics. Instead of working to fully eliminate Maine’s income tax like I have proposed, Janet Mills is promising more and more spending, propped up with funny money from deficit spending out of Washington, DC. However, no debt-fueled, funny money from Washington, DC can paper over Janet Mills failure to manage Maine’s economy. As Governor, I was proud that Maine’s unemployment rate was never higher than the national average, but today under Janet Mills, our unemployment rate is not only above the national average it is 80% worse than New Hampshire’s. That is the difference between having a Governor who has a real background in job creation or a Governor whose lifetime has been politics like Janet Mills.”

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