Governor Paul LePage Supported for His 2022 Campaign by the Men and Women of Maine’s Associated Builders and Contractors

The job creators of ABC Maine officially endorse LePage 

Windham, ME – At a construction site in Windham today, Governor Paul LePage received the endorsement of Maine’s Associated Builders and Contractors. Maine ABC represents more than 180 Maine companies, many of them small businesses, who employ thousands of Maine workers.

“These hard working Mainers are part of the backbone of our economy. They are critical to our future,” said Governor LePage, “I appreciate their support.”

“Associated Builders and Contractors of Maine are proud to announce our endorsement of Paul LePage for Governor,” said Mitch DeBlois, the  Board Chairman of ABC Maine. “We need a fighter who understands the private sector and appreciates the men and women who go out every day and make the economy move. The past four years have been a stark contrast in leadership. The choice could not be more clear. We need Paul LePage back in the Blaine House for another four years.” 

Hope Pollard, ABC Maine Chapter President was on hand to tout the former Governor’s credentials and reminded the public that Paul LePage could be counted on to keep his word. Ms. Pollard recalled the Association’s 2014 endorsement and said, “when ABC endorsed Paul LePage for reelection he said he wanted the private sector to excel. That he wanted the government to sit back and get out of the way. Gov. LePage kept that promise and Mainers benefited from it. We are fortunate that after watching Maine change course he is willing to return to Augusta and help move Maine forward once again.”



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