Hundreds of Jobs Endangered by Shutdown of the Shawmut Dam

Janet Mills has put over 700 jobs at risk just to pursue an extreme environmental policy which will only impact five, yes 5, fish per year.

Today, Governor Paul LePage held a press conference to call out Janet Mills and to Save Maine Jobs!

  • Over 700 jobs are directly connected to Sappi’s Somerset operations. Those jobs are directly reliant on the Shawmut
  • Sappi’s leadership has repeatedly stated that shutting down the Shawmut Dam will require Sappi to shut down. Hundreds of jobs will be lost. (
  • It is outrageous that the dam’s owners have submitted plans to protect 96% of fish passing the dam; yet the state – under Janet Mills is rejecting that plan due to the fact it does not reach 99%. It is arbitrary and shows her extremism catering to political donors and activists rather than protect these hundreds of Maine jobs.
  • Janet Mills own department, the Maine DEP, continues to deny the Shawmut Dam its certification over this 3% difference. At the same time extremist groups are making public statements against the dam.
  • The Maine DEP, located across the street from today’s press conference, is a part of the Janet Mills Administration. Constitutionally, directly, this is part of Janet Mills Governorship. The entire office reports to, and is controlled by, Janet Mills.
  • Janet Mills has repeatedly on this, like many things, been dishonest with the Maine people. It is part of her back room deals to make public statements saying she is doing one thing, while doing another behind closed doors.
  • Just weeks ago, Janet Mills again reject certification of this dam. There is no justification. This is about Maine and Maine jobs. This is not about ceding Maine’s authority to an outside federal agency or extremist groups. This is Janet Mills blocking Maine jobs.



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