Supporting Our Law Enforcement Officers

The Maine Lodge of Fraternal Order of Police proudly represents Law Enforcement Officers across our Great State of Maine. They joined us at the Maine Statehouse to announce their support in our effort to retake the Blaine House.The Fraternal Order of Police is the world’s largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers, with more than 330,000 members in more than 2,200 lodges. These brave men and women, “The Thin Blue Line”, place their lives at risk to protect our families and our communities.

Maine needs a Governor who will SUPPORT our law enforcement and their families. Just like Joe Biden, Janet Mills has become a hostage to the radical elements of her Party. She is standing by while radical extremists of her Party slander our law enforcement and place our communities in danger.Every single day, Maine’s law enforcement officers are on the front lines fighting the illicit drug epidemic.

The Biden Administration is deliberately promoting an open southern border policy. The drug cartels are operating freely throughout our country and distributing deadly poison across our nation. 893 Mainers have lost their lives from overdoses since January of 2021.

Maine’s law enforcement officers serve our communities courageously and compassionately, with dignity and integrity. They always have our backs – as Maine’s next Governor – I’ll always have their backs.

Move Maine Forward

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A Vision for Maine

My vision for Maine is to create prosperity through a lower overall tax burden for residents and businesses; a smaller, more efficient state government that we can all afford; protecting our most vulnerable populations (our children, our seniors and persons with disabilities), empowering parents’ rights to decide their children’s future, and managing a welfare system that serves as a safety net for the truly needy – not a free for all.