LePage Fights Back for Maine’s Lobster Industry Against California Aquarium Seafood Watch

AUGUSTA, ME – Governor Paul LePage is calling out the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, based in California, for its choice to urge consumers to “avoid” Maine lobster.

“Maine’s lobster industry is one of the most sustainable fisheries on Earth. Our commercial lobstermen and women care for marine life and are outstanding stewards of our environment,” said Paul LePage.

As reported by multiple news outlets, including CBS News, the program could result in some restaurants erroneously mislabeling Maine lobster as “unsustainable.”

“As Governor, I exempted sales tax on fuel used in agriculture to help Maine’s lobster industry,” LePage said. “As Governor again, I will push back at organizations falsely attacking our lobster industry as well as the Biden Administration’s destructive regulatory policy aimed at destroying the livelihoods of our fishermen over the false notion they are harming whales. Our lobster fishing industry leaders have worked diligently for years to protect these whales and the environment.”

“Janet Mills is once again promoting her endorsement in this campaign from a wealthy, out of state, liberal special interest group determined to shut down Maine’s lobster industry. She says she will fight for our lobster industry but then time and again works both sides. Now more than ever our lobster industry needs a steady, proven, ally,” added Paul LePage.

“Janet Mills should examine the financial harm which this may cause the State of Maine and seek any legal remedy to halt this false attack. It is a step I would take,” stated Governor Paul LePage.




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