Mills Heavy Handed Mandate Threatens Mainer’s Healthcare and Maine Jobs

Fmr Governor Paul LePage calls out Mills for providing no flexibility to medical providers

AUGUSTA, ME – Former Governor Paul LePage is calling out Janet Mills for threatening the healthcare of Maine people and harming Maine’s economy as her edict severely impacts medical providers.

“Janet Mills medical provider mandate, her unwise edict, is harming the healthcare of Mainers and it is forcing people out of work,” said fmr Governor Paul LePage. “Many medical and emergency services personnel have called for alternatives and flexibility including regular testing as opposed to Mills heavy handed mandate. Maine’s ambulance personnel, our nursing homes, and our hospital personnel are being ignored with disastrous consequences for the Maine people. It is just one more symptom of Janet Mills back-room, big government way of decision making.”

In late August, Janet Mills issued a sweeping, statewide mandate against all providers of healthcare and their employees requiring individuals to undergo a medical treatment if they wished to retain their jobs, specifically to get a shot in their arm. Healthcare facilities are being forced to push compliance if they wish to continue providing services to Mainers in need. As a result some medical service personnel are losing their jobs and businesses are closing. 

First responders raised the alarm. In a public letter the Maine Fire Chiefs Association, representing large numbers of Emergency Medical Services personnel, said Mills inflexible mandate would, “have far reaching and long-lasting effects on the ability of EMS agencies to provide critical public safety services to the citizens of our communities. We believe this rule has been instituted without input or feedback from the fire service and with little consideration of the unintended consequences.”

Multiple Maine nursing homes have announced their closure. Nursing homes are directly attributing some blame to the inflexible Mills mandate. Maine’s association for nursing homes stated in news accounts that over 70% of nursing homes surveyed said staff were walking off the job due at least in part to Mills heavy-handed decision making. When these nursing home businesses close not only do all employees lose their job but families are left scrambling to find care for loved ones. 

Now, Central Maine Medical Center has closed its neonatal intensive care unit, leaving mothers and fathers without local treatment for ill babies.  News reports indicate the hospital will be forced to slash intensive care beds by 50% and medical surgical beds by 40.  Already the hospital has limited heart attack and trauma admissions. 

“Instead of her inflexible, heavy handed mandates, we need policies which empower people, especially when it comes to the flexibility needed by Maine’s medical providers.  Maine people should not be forced to lose their jobs and to lose their paychecks due to Janet Mills inflexible decision making,” added Paul LePage

Paul LePage has repeatedly noted in public interviews and on social media that he is fully vaccinated.  “I chose to get vaccinated. I did so after consultation with my doctor.  Most Mainers would agree that people should have the right to gain the advice of their doctor and consent in choosing a medical treatment, including a vaccine,” said fmr Governor LePage

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