Signature FAQs

FAQs on Signature Gathering

Candidates are not automatically on the ballot in Maine?

No. In Maine, candidates are required to get signatures from actual Maine voters on petitions to qualify and have their names placed on the ballot.

But, Paul LePage was Governor before, he still must do this?

Yes, Paul is just like every other Maine citizen. If he wants to run for office he must gather signatures to have his name placed on the ballot. He needs your help!

How many signatures are needed?

Candidates for Governor must have at least 4,000 valid signatures.

How I get petitions to help Paul LePage get his name on the ballot?

Contact the campaign at or use this form here:

Can anyone sign a petition?

Petition signers must be registered Maine voters and be registered Republicans. Only Republicans can sign. Voters should be registered to vote at their current address where they are living.

Can I leave petitions sitting on a counter in a public place for people to sign?

No, you must personally witness (watch) each person sign. After you are done with the form, there is a section on it where you sign to state you witnessed every signature. You sign this in front of a Notary. Most towns and cities have notaries, many town government offices can provide this service. We will help you with this process.

Can I carry a petition around to multiple towns or cities?

Each petition form must have people signing who are from the same town or city. If you need more forms, so you can circulate in multiple towns or cities, please let us know and we will get them to you!

How many times can a person sign a petition?

A voter can only sign our petitions once, on one petition. However, they can sign as many petitions as they want for other candidates.  They may only sign a LePage specific petition once. 

What else do I need to know?

We will provide you everything you need to know, including petition forms, when you contact us at or fill out this form here:

How long has Maine required signatures for candidates to get on the ballot?

For a very, very long time. 🙂

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